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Canton Fair 2019


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  The 125th session of the Canton Fair has ended. The total exhibition area of the fair was more than a million square meters. More than 200 thousand visitors and 24 000 exhibitors presented 50 000 stands. Thanks to the exhibition, China has made great efforts in the development and strengthening of relations with other countries in the economic, political and cultural spheres.

  At the Canton exhibition, China takes an active position of the national policy of opening new products, opportunities and innovations for the world market, which made the country one of the strongest players in the field of trade.

  In recent years, the organizers of the exhibition have embodied many ideas to make the event even better and more specialized. This year, the organizers paid special attention to the organization of conferences and forums held during the exhibition in order to improve the exchange of information.

  New projects have been launched by Canton Fair like Product Design, Trade Promotion Centre (PDC) and CF awards that contribute to the modernization and transformation of Chinese companies. To strengthen the marketing approach to the international pavilion of the exhibition, a pilot project on the integration of participants was launched, as competition makes the exhibition better and more global.

  Much attention is paid to the development of the "green" complex and the "green" exhibition, so that it has become a leader in the exhibition industry in support of environmental protection. Every year there is a noticeable increase in the number of products with a substitute for natural leather, which at first glance cannot be distinguished from real leather.  

  This year, e-Commerce projects and various software and legal software were launched to improve service and meet the needs of each customer.

  The exhibition featured Shoe factories; among them were our customers such as Kangnai, Tuareg, MeiDeng and others. The trends of modern Shoe fashion can be traced not only trendy, waterproof and futuristic models, but also noticeable return to the national theme, which makes the exhibition brighter and more unique. In General, we are satisfied with the results of the exhibition; Canton Fair is a great opportunity to find clients and an excellent platform for the promotion of our products.