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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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Dear friends, the BKS team ccongratulates you on the Mid-Autumn Holiday!

  On September the 13, China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Holiday. Also known as the moon Festival or the Moon Cake Festival, it is celebrated on the days when the rising moon reaches its maximum. Moon cake is the most traditional dish of this holiday.

  Chinese moon cakes (moon cake, 月饼) – a small cake with different flavors. They are very popular during the mid-autumn festival. Usually they are given in special gift packages. The main ingredient of moon cakes is egg or duck yolk, and this delicacy with various fillings is prepared. The most common fillings include: bean paste, Lotus seeds, fruits and even meat.

   Moon cake is usually made round, which symbolizes the full moon. Patterns and inscriptions on moon cake are symbols of well-being and happiness, and they may vary depending on the city or province. Gift boxes for moon cakes are usually not inferior to the beauty of the pastry itself.