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When it comes to leather production, serious environmental standards have to be met. It applies on the production procedure as well as on waste treatment. All chemicals we use in production are from major European suppliers such as Stahl, Clariant, Fenice, Pielcolor and more. All chemicals have REACH and Certiquality international certification. Our laboratory opportunities allow physical and chemical performance testing of leather at customers’ requirement to ensure quality and compliance with standards.

Our product is capable of meeting the demand of famous footwear brands in terms of water resistance, water immersion, colorfastness (including UV), rubfastness, crocking, bally flexing, tear strength, taber abrasion, break elongationand other important tests. Also we collaborate closely with international chemical laboratories which provide all necessary chemical test results.

At our factory we have Research and Development team constantly and actively developing new technological solutions for environment-friendly, practical and popular production. We fight to minimize harm to the environment. Waste water is precipitated in a modern water treatment plant, and the solid waste is transferred for processing to the water division of the world famous Veolia environmental company.

Our company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008/ 14001:2004 standards and became SATRA member in 2011. We are determined not only to produce in order to satisfy the market needs but also to preserve the environment to the future generations.





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