Catalog 2014-2015

Full grain oily embossed article; slight two-tone and waxy pull-up effect, suits well for men's casual shoes.
Atomic Show
Fancy patent leather with crinkle effect, which gives it a unique metallic splendor and two-tone looking. Excellent for making ladies’ shoes and fancy goods.
Lifelike full grain leather with butter touch and polishable effect. This article is meant mostly for men’s shoes.
Box Brush-Off
Classic box article with very stylish varieties. Can be dull or shiny, brush-off kind gets fashionable two-tone effect after polishing.
Box Buffalo Print
Perfect example of how simple can be attractive: well-known Box decorated with Buffalo embossing and crafted in a special way revealing darkening effect after polishing, and the Box gets vintage effect and smooth touch.
BP Oily
Full grain leather with oily finishing; simple yet approachable. Suits well for men’s casual wear, elegant briefcases and bags.
Waxy and oily nourished article with fine pull-up, polishable and scratch repolishable. Looks especially rich and complete in darker colours. Excellent for shoes and boots.
Foil Cow with finiflex
Glossy surfaced foil leather touched by haircell embossing. Fits perfect for ladies’ fashion shoes and goods (bags, wallets, belts, etc.) and kids’ shoes.
Very natural full grain article with aniline finishing, extremely soft and nice touch. Made for ladies’ and men’s footwear; posh-looking and simple at the same time.
Pigmented leather with excellent wax result and burnish effect, economic yet a very classy look. Made for men’s and ladies’ casual and dress footwear.
Classic nubuck type of buffed grain leather with a very nice two-way nap, silky touch and its superior on softness due to the special type of crust.
Oily Kip
Pigmented and embossed grain with strong burnishable effect. Originally developed for the footwear in the areas of activity where safety is valued at the first place.
Pit Stop
Full grain waxy article with classic embossing and noble shine. Slight two-tone and waxy pull-up effects. Suitable for men’s casual and outdoor shoes, as well as for work ones.
Polo Tumble
Full grain pigmented leather with classy polo embossing; full, nourished touch. Suitable for men’s casual shoes and briefcases.
Rodo Tumble
Fully pigmented glossy surface, can be made even on low grade leather. Made for ladies’ dress and everyday footwear, also for handbags and fancy leather goods.
Sporty Calf
Full grain with light finishing maintaining natural look. Can be polished and absorbs shoe cream well. Fits perfect for men’s and ladies’ footwear.
Waxy Milled
Highly multifunctional leather with a pleasant waxy touch and very natural look. The milling process gives it a strong two-tone effect. Fits perfectly for ladies’ shoes and boots for all seasons.
TX Rup
Pure aniline, fully burnishable leather with nice silky touch. Great for men’s and ladies’ classic shoes.


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